Microsoft Is Giving Away Four Free Months Of Premium

Microsoft is giving away four free months of Premium service to all users, no matter what email provider you use and even if you don’t have a Microsoft account! Learn more about this free offer in the blog post.

If you’re ever been interested in subscribing to a free email service, there’s no better time than right now! Microsoft is offering four free months of Premium to those who signup before February 28th, so you can try the service risk-free.

Microsoft is giving away four free months of their premium email service

Microsoft is offering a deal where you can get four months of their premium email service for free! This email service promises to be the safest and fastest email service on the market. It also has automatic virus protection and other impressive features, such as a password manager and calendar that automatically updates in real time with your phone’s Google Calendar. To claim this offer, visit

What are the advantages of using a premium email service?

Premium email is typically the most reliable way to send and receive emails. It has features such as filters, anti-spam measures, and advanced search tools that can make your emails much more productive. Microsoft also gives you a free four-month trial of Premium which includes 1 TB of storage.

Premium email services offer many benefits that other email services can’t provide. Cloud storage, the ability to manage multiple email addresses, and options for advanced features are some of the many advantages that a premium email service offers. With these features, Premium is a great place to start when looking for a way to improve your productivity while you’re on the go.

The disadvantages of using a free email.

If you have a free email account, you might not be able to wait until the end of your trial period to cancel. The advantage of having an email that is solely dedicated to your personal life and professional communication is that it’s never clogged with junk mail or advertisements. Companies like Microsoft are giving away four months of Premium so that people can experience what a more expensive option has to offer. The advantage of using Premium is that it makes the experience easier and more convenient for the user. Allowing them to have unlimited storage for all their emails, no advertising in their inbox, and other features such as scheduling meetings through email.

How to sign up for this promotion?

If you need email for your work, and are not paying for Premium, Microsoft is offering four months of this premium service free. To sign up, log into your Microsoft (Hotmail) account, and click on ‘Upgrade to Premium’.


In a recent blog post, Microsoft revealed that they would be giving away four free months of Premium to everyone who signs up for the service before December 15th. The offer is good for new and upgrade customers, but does not apply to businesses.

Aruba Webmail Italy: How to Add Email Signature

This article is going to show you how to add an Email Signature on Aruba Webmail Italy. Email signatures are used for a variety of reasons, including branding and adding contact information. If you want your signature to appear at the end of every email that you send from your account, then this is the guide for you!

How to Add Email Signature


What is Email Signature?

An email signature is a line of text appended to each email you send out. It can be your name, contact information, or anything else that could help the receiver know who sent it and when they are contacting them.

Email signatures provide credibility for an organization’s emails by including its logo, website address, phone number, and other vital details on all correspondence from that company.

10 Benefits of Adding Signature to your Email

  • Email signature helps you to keep your email organized and professional
  • It gives people a chance to know more about who you are, what do you do, how they can get in contact with you
  • The signature also shows that we care for our environment by saving paper.
  • An email signature is an easy way of branding yourself and make sure that all the emails sent out from the company have the same look and feel. It doesn’t have any negative impact on your brand image either as long as customizing templates properly when designing them so that logo is not cut off or anything like this. Email signatures should be customized according to the business type which offers products or services via electronic mediums such as internet banking transactions etc. This will boost the image of your business.
  • Email signature should not include any spammy content such as links, promotional messages, etc
  • It can help to increase how much people read an email and it also helps them remember what is in that particular email which could be very helpful if the company has more than one thing going on at a time or same day.
  • Email signature increases customer satisfaction levels because they feel appreciated by reading through entire emails (rather than just scanning over) and this increased level of customer satisfaction will definitely lead to a greater number of returning customers.
  • Adding extra lines like “References attached” after sending out bulk mailings gives recipients additional information about who you are without having to click back into the message before being able to read it.
  • Email signature for one person can be used on all the emails sent out from that particular email account. It is very time-saving and also cost-efficient in terms of how much space this takes up.

How to Add Email Signature on Aruba Webmail Italy?

Log into Aruba Webmail Italy with your username and password > Click My Preferences in the menu bar at top right corner > Select General tab > Scroll down until you see Email Signatures section > Fill up Details as per need (e.g., Name) then click Save > Email signature is now saved.

To change your email signatures for all emails you send out, log in to Aruba Webmail Italy with your username and password > Click My Preferences in the menu bar at top right corner > Select General tab then scroll down until you see Email Signatures section >> From the dropdown list select new Email Signature (e.g., “Personal”) or use default Email Signature from settings page by clicking Defaults button >> Fill up Details as per need (e.g., Name) then click Save.


Email signatures are simple, effective, and work wonders when there is a need to increase the company’s customer satisfaction levels. They do not require any additional efforts or costs as they come standard with most webmail client software packages (such as Aruba Webmail Italy). We recommend adding them because these benefits will definitely lead you towards success.

10 Proven Tips to Use Hotmail

About Hotmail

Hotmail is a free web-based email service offered by Microsoft. It was the first major company to offer such an email service, and it has been one of the most successful ones for years because they have always ranked high in terms of simplicity and ease of use.

Hotmail is popular as an email provider because it offers storage. Hotmail users can securely store up to 25 MB of data without paying anything extra for the service and they also get free inbox management tools, such as email filtering.

An email was a revolutionary invention that not only changed the way we communicate but also revolutionized how we do business. One of the most popular email services is Hotmail. Here are 10 tips to help you get organized with your email.10 Proven Tips

6 Tips to Use Hotmail: Get Organized with Emai

1) Create folders for different types of messages: There are many ways to organize your inbox in Hotmail – create separate folders for different types of messages like personal and work-related emails so that you can easily locate them later on if necessary.

2) Automatically categorize new emails: You don’t need to manually categorize every email when it comes in because will automatically categorize it based on keywords within the message (for example, “Travel” or “Dogs”).

3) Create a signature: You can add your name or the company you work for to every email that you send so people will know who they are receiving an email from.

4) Create an email list: You can easily create a new email address and then add the people you want on that particular list to receive all of your messages.

5) Create filters: Filters allow you to automatically define how a message should be treated. This is especially helpful for spam and can dramatically reduce the amount of clutter in your inbox at any given time.

6) Keep your inbox clean: Try to check your email only once or twice a day. Unsubscribe from any emails you don’t want and delete any messages that are no longer needed.

Tips on how to use Hotmail:

  1. Create folders for different types of messages, including personal, work-related, etc.
  2. Automatically categorize new emails
  3. Create a signature that includes your name and/or the company you work for.
  4. Create an email list to send all of your messages to one group or person at any given time.
  5. Create filters so that every message is automatically set up in certain categories (for example spam).

Top 6 best NetFlix alternatives.

What do you think of when you hear the name Netflix? If you’re like most people, then your thoughts probably drift towards binge-watching TV shows and movies. But did you know that Netflix doesn’t have a monopoly on streaming services? In fact, there are many other companies that offer similar services for a fraction of the price! To help those who want to cut their monthly bill in half or more, we’ve compiled our list of 5 best NetFlix alternatives.

6 best NetFlix alternatives

We’ve compiled our list of 6 best NetFlix alternatives.

1) Hulu – $7.99 per month (Includes ads)

2) Amazon Prime Video – $8.25 per month (Unlimited Movies/TV Shows + Free 2 Day Shipping on Prime Purchases)

3) HBO Now – $14.99 per month (No cable required)

4) Showtime – $11.38 per month

5) Starz – $12.99 per month

6) Free


The first item on our list is Hulu, which is priced at just $0.79 more than Netflix each month and offers a vast library of Tv shows with commercial breaks built into the programming!

Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services available. It comes with a free trial and you’ll be able to watch all episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Grey’s Anatomy, Rick & Morty before deciding if it’s worth keeping or not. And if for some reason


Showtime has a vast catalog of movies and TV shows, but it’s not cheap. You can make an account for $11/month or $15 with limited commercials to watch the content without ads. The service also offers a live stream in select locations as well as original programming like Shameless and Billions.

Rtl Live

The RTL channels broadcasted live in HD and SD quality on the internet. Rtl Live is a major German TV network, broadcasting to more than 14 million viewers in Germany each day.

Starz TV

Starz TV is a division of the company Starz, LLC. The company owns and operates linear channel services as well as an on-demand service in America. The channels are distributed to pay television households via cable, telecommunications companies, and internet providers throughout the United States.

The content is shown ranges from Hollywood movies to original series programming.

The company was originally called Encore Media Group. It acquired Hollywood’s pay-TV channels from the Liberty Entertainment Assets Trust in 1999 and changed its name to Starz, Inc. shortly after that acquisition on February 29th of 2000 as a result of being more accurately named for what it is: an entertainment service provider with premium content.

You can also try out HBO Now for some really awesome content. It’s available with an Apple TV or Chromecast device for only $14.99 per month!

Amazon Prime Video

Another great option is Amazon Prime Video for those who want to watch an unlimited number of movies and Tv shows, with the added bonus of free two-day shipping on Prime purchases.


Finally, for those who want to watch HBO’s original programming without having a cable subscription, there’s now an option too: HBO Now! Pricing at $14.99 per month is more expensive than Hulu or Amazon but it offers access to some of the best series ever created. App

The hipstore app is based on a series of blogs, articles, and YouTube videos which inform users about how to create an account with the program, what you can do in the app itself (downloading content from other sources), and more importantly warning them against downloading pirated media instead of purchasing it through legal channels.

How to delete your Gmail account? | Gmail : Tips and Tricks

Gmail is the most popular webmail service provider in the world today. It was created by Paul Buchheit. Since its release on 1st April 2004, it has garnered an active user base of 1.2 billion according to a July 2017 statement by its parent company Google. This accounts for a whopping 20% of the global email market.

Advantages of Gmail

There are several reasons for the popularity of Gmail over other webmail service providers. It is popular among common users as well as businesses.

Its advantages include better security and malware protection, effective spam filter, large cloud storage, and attachment size limit, 0 downtimes, negligible message delivery time, highly customizable and easy-to-use interface, conversation format message stacking, free access to many apps, multiple (up to 5) POP account access and feature-laden and economical paid plans.

How to Delete Gmail Account | Gmail Account

Hotmail nl Inloggen provides an easy step-by-step procedure to delete your account, with several security checkpoints and a back-out option at the end.

  • Log in to your account.
  • Click on the circular button on the top right corner of the page that contains your display picture(DP) and click on the “Google Account” button. Alternatively, you can on the grid button immediately to the left of the DP button and click on the circular “Account” button, which will also contain your DP.
  • Either action opens the “Google Account” or “gmail aanmaken” page. Click on the “Data & personalization” button( 3rd option) on the left of the page. This takes you to the respective page.
  • Scroll down on the website and locate “Download, delete, or make a plan for your data” part.
  • Click on the 3rd button “Delete a service or your account” that will take you to the corresponding page in.
  • Click on the “Delete your account” link under the 2nd option “Delete your Google Account”.
  • You will now be asked to log in to your account again with your password to verify it’s you.
  • Google gives you the option to “download your data” before deletion. There will also be 2 checkboxes, the first reminding you about pending financial transactions and the second asking to confirm the deletion action of both account and its data. Check them both.
  • Finally, click on the “DELETE ACCOUNT” option located at the bottom in Gmail

Google then confirms that the account and its data have been deleted from gmail. It also informs you that if the account was deleted accidentally, it can be recovered within a short time frame by clicking on “Account support” and following the necessary steps to verify the user’s identity.